1-2-1 Lessons

Apologies for any inconvenience but I am taking a break from teaching until further notice.


Alexander Technique is mainly taught in 1-2-1 lessons, where individual needs can be addressed. Individual private lessons are the most effective way of getting to understand and gain knowledge of the Technique.

Lessons involve the help of a teacher working with their hands in a gentle way with a pupil at the same time as talking about the Technique. The support that is given is to enable the pupil to let go of unecessary muscle tension. Tension occurs without necessarily being aware of it and is instigated by habitual reactions both mental and physical. When muscles contract too much, because lets say of anxiety about something, we generally pull ourselves out of shape and disturb our postural balance ie head pulled back, rounded shoulders, arched back locked knees.

On the understanding that mind and body are completely intergrated, identifying habitual reactions that bring about too much tension is the start to being able to let go of the pulling out of shape tension and the disturbing thought that may accompany it and in so doing make a positive change.

Part of having lessons involves learning to apply conscious control to every-day activities, that is being aware of when the habitual pulling out of shape occurs when the activities of everyday are carried out such as getting in and out of a chair, bending lifting, carrying etc.

The Technique can be applied to a wide range of difficulties and problems: pain and injury; matters connected to work, sport, hobbies and leisure activities.

Aches and pains can become a thing of the past as new strategies of awareness in thought and action are carried out. Whatever a person may be suffering with, poor posture is part of the problem to be solved.

Fees for one-to-one lessons:

Initial interview lesson of 1 hour £40

Subsequent weekly 45 min lessons £35

Weekly 30 min lessons £27

There is a reduction of £1 per lesson for paying in advance for 6 lessons